E-Ticketing Kiosk

Entry to Platinum and Gold Routes:

Route Select Appropriate Ticket (Full or Reduced)

Sorry, Platinum Route FULL -
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Sorry, Gold Route FULL -
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* Reduced rates apply to juniors, students, OAP's and the unemployed

Entry to Silver and Bronze Routes:

This year, for entry to the Silver and Bronze Routes we're trying out the registration system
Please note if you're entering a group then for each person in your group, as well the person's name and (if available) 'on the day' contact phone number
you'll also need an 'in case of emergency' name and contact phone number).

It's straight forward, just click on the links below.


Click Here To Enter Silver Route


Click Here To Enter Bronze Route

If you have any queries about on-line registration please email threepeakstrial@gmail.com.