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    Three Peaks Trial Covid Risk Assessment Modifications:

  1. Due to the on-going Covid pandemic the following modifications to the Three Peaks Trial Challenge Walk will be put in place for 2021:
  2. Volunteers will register walkers using face masks and gloves at all times in the registration hall.
  3. A marshall will control entry to the Registration Hall and limit numbers entering so no more than 5 walkers will be in the hall at any time. A marshall will also ensure those queueing to enter will be 2m apart. A similar set up will be in place when walkers return to check in after the walk.
  4. Walkers will be instructed to wear masks on entering the registration hall.
  5. Volunteers will register walkers and give checkpoint cards.
  6. On checking in to the event Walkers hand in their Registration Sheets to volunteers. Volunteers will be instructed these Registration Sheets must only be handled using gloves.
  7. Numbers of walkers will be limited to:
    Platinum Route: Requires a bus to take walkers to the start so is cancelled for 2021 but will return in 2022.
    Gold Route: 90 walkers in 3 groups of 30 will be registered in 3 slots: 7-7:30am; 7:30-8am; 8-8:30am.
    Silver Route: 60 walkers in 2 groups of 30 will be registered in 2 slots 8:30-9am; 9-9:30am.
    Bronze Route: 30 walkers registered between 9:30am-10am.
  8. Marshalls at checkpoints will wear masks and gloves.
  9. Walkers will be told to use masks and gloves when refilling water bottles from water containers.
  10. There will be no kitchen providing refreshments. Instead a bottle/can of drink and a pre made, pre wrapped cake/biscuit/etc will be given to walkers on their return. Walkers will also be given their certificates at this point.
  11. A separate disposal bag will be used for face masks and gloves used at the event. This will be double bagged.

  12. Please note depending on how the pandemic develops, these alterations may be updated.