Proposed Timetables

    You must decide which route you will take when you book then complete the appropriate entry form. Bookings must be made both before the event for ALL Routes (none will be accepted 'on the day'.
    For all routes you must visit each checkpoint, including the Finish. The tables below give an outline of each option.

    Please Note:

  1. The timetables below are considered to be a rough guide only. Walkers need not worry unduly if they are a little behind schedule, unless they are really slow. In the event of deteriorating weather, slow walkers could be asked to retire for their own safety.

  2. Checkpoint closing times (which are shown in the timetables below) will be strictly adhered to except in an emergency. After a checkpoint has closed, all walkers should proceed directly to the Finish (this year the Scout Hall at Fairfield Car Park), which will close at 1930. If you retire, please telephone Central Control immediately, this number is on the checkpoint card, or we may unnecessarily initiate a search for you. Please do not send text messages: they are not sufficiently reliable.

  3. The north slope of Blorenge is very steep. Extreme care is required when ascending particularly in bad weather.

  4. Be careful of loose stones on the north side of Skirrid.
  5. Gold, Silver and Bronze Routes

    Time Checkpoint Checkpoint Opens Checkpoint Closes Grid reference
    Gold Silver Bronze
    0800 0830 0900 Registration Guide Hall     299 146
    0830 0900 0930 Start (latest)
        0950 By the river, Castle Meadows Unmanned 297 137
    1030 1120   Summit of Blorenge - 1st peak 0830 1230 269 118
        1120 By the river, near Llanwenarth Church Unmanned 271 146
    1230 1300   Glangrwyney Road 0915 1400 246 154
    1430 1500 1230 Summit of Sugar Loaf - 2nd peak 09300 1530* 273 188
        1330 Near entrance to forest Unmanned 294 173
    1530     Outside the Crown 1030 1630 303 178
    1630     Road east of Llwynfranc Unmanned until 1600 333 192
    - 1730
    1715     Summit of Skirrid Fawr - 3rd peak 1130 1800 332 183
    1815 1700 1500 Finish - Scout Hall, Abergavenny 0730 1930 299 146

    *Although Sugar Loaf will stay open after 1530, after this time, walkers on the Gold route will be asked to return to Abergavenny by the Silver route.