The plan of the route is shown on an extract taken from a 3D panoramic map published by 'KG & S Sage/CONTOUR DESIGNS'.
    This map extract is reproduced here with permission from KG & S Sage/Contour Designs.


    For a more detailed, marked up map using the Ordnance Survey OSMaps website CLICK HERE. Please note:

    Suggested Route (NB - to be used in conjunction with OS Map)
    For the Checkpoint Timetable CLICK HERE

    From Llanthony Car Park go down the road then through Court Farm and over bridge. The old path up to Bal Mawr is now closed, so follow signs for Bal Bach. After crossing the bridge, head south up the slope and join track, heading right. Go up and when approaching the next farm head left, as signposted. Go through field and at the other side take a right up the hill, follow the fence (this isn't signposted). Keep following this track up to Bal Bach with the bottom of Cwm Bwchel on your right, then take a path up to Bal Mawr when you approach the top of the ridge.

    First Checkpoint at Bal Mawr. From here head west down over rough ground until reaching a path then go south. Turn right off this path and head for the stile at SO263262. Cross over into the next field and go over gate at the bottom. Take a left and follow forestry track. After about 1/2 mile at the first junction, take the right track which goes down. Keep going down, with the stream below on your left, to the Pont Cadwgan car park

    Cross the road from the car park and go onto the forestry track directly opposite. Follow this south-east then south for about two-thirds of a mile until the first clear junction at grid ref. 269243. Take the left, covered, track which heads south-south-east then turns south-west to Ffordd-las Fawr farm. After going through the farm go left (muddy) and when you reach the fence take the right path which goes up steeply. Keep going straight up (crossing other forest tracks) until reaching the ridge just north of Disgwylfa. From here head west over rough ground until reaching the narrow path heading south-west then west down the Nant y Ffin valley to Blaenau Farm (grid ref. 243235). Turn left when you reach the buildings and cross over the wall just to the left of the telegraph post (NB - there are stones jutting out as steps). Follow path down to the road.

    Once on the road head left (south) or if you need to use the phone box at grid ref. 238233 (water left here), take a right then a left. You will ultimately need to be heading south on the road on the western side of the valley to turn right just past The Ffawydd (grid ref. 235217) and up through a lane onto open ground. Then head up and south-west until you come to paths going up to the right (west-ish) towards Pen Cerrig-calch. Once you join the main path from Table Mountain, go north-north-west to the trig point and cairn on Pen Cerrig-calch (Checkpoint 2).

    Second Checkpoint at the Cairn. Retrace your steps south-east and follow main path down to Table Mountain and then east down to Perth-y-pia (grid ref. 230207) then the road down to Llanbedr.

    Third Checkpoint is in Llanbedr near the church. Water is available at this checkpoint. From the church go down the lane to the river. Cross to the other side and head south-east, passing a second bridge, then straight on to Lower Cwm Bridge (grid ref. 245199). Go straight over the road to field and footbridge. When you reach the lane go right and up (muddy) - follow this until you reach the tarmac road - turn right onto this. After about one-third of a mile take the left road up then follow the bridleway for Sugar Loaf. When you reach open ground take the right path, skirting the wall on your right, then go left and just keep going up the ridge.

    Fourth Checkpoint at summit of Sugar Loaf. From here head south-south-east towards Rholben. At grid ref. 277176, take the right fork in the path which will take you down through trees towards St Marys Vale. Stay on this main path until you hit the road which goes towards Home Farm (grid ref. 287159) then Abergavenny.

    Final Checkpoint Red Cross Hall, Abergavenny (grid ref. 299146) where refreshments are available.