General Instructions

    General Instructions for the Platinum/Gold/Silver/Bronze Routes


    You can enter on-line via the Fabian4 entry system or you can enter by post, see the Entry Form page.

    Procedure at Start

    Halls-am Halls-pm

    Please note that in the event of a fire please make your way safely to the nearest exit. Hall fire exits are shown on (see here for map) where there is ample car parking (£4.00 for the day). The walks will also be controlled from here, and naturally finish here.

    General Instructions - Walker Checklist

    Prior to the event
    Find your Race Number: This will appear in the 2nd column on in March. We will email you once they are available. Note this is not a race!

    Print off and complete a kit declaration form (one per walker) which you can download from Insert your ’Race Number’ in the top box.

    Platinum:_______Register between 07.00 and 07.45, coach departs at 08:00, start walk no later than 08:30.
    Gold:___________Register between 07.00 and 08.15, start walk no later than 0830.
    Silver:_________Register between 07.30 and 08.45, start walk no later than 0900.
    Bronze:_________Register between 08.00 and 09.15, start walk no later than 0930.

    Go to the registration desk handling your route / race number. Scout Hall for Gold Route or Guide Hall for Platinum, Silver&Bronze routes.

    Hand in your completed Kit Declaration Form.

    You will each receive a Checkpoint Card and a Wristband. The marshal at the registration desk will check that the name programmed into the wristband matches your name.

    Place the Wristband on your wrist.

    Go to the Checkout Point where a marshal will scan your wristband. Once scanned we will assume you will start the walk. If for some reason you are unable to start, then please return to registration and hand your wristband back to the Fabian4 desk.

    As you pass through the checkpoints present your wristband to the marshals to scan. The data is sent to RaceTek's website ( Via the RaceTek website user interface the event Base can monitor walkers in real time as they go through the checkpoints (walkers family and friends can also do this). The system also estimates walker ETAs at a checkpoint and hence highlights walkers that might be in difficultly (e.g. injured or lost).

    Unmanned Checkpoints
    On the Gold Route the Llwynfranc checkpoint is unmanned until 1600, then manned until it closes at 1730. On the Bronze Route three checkpoints are unmanned. A single letter on an A3 size sheet is located at these Checkpoints with a pencil attached. Use the pencil and note the letter in the appropriate box on your Checkpoint Card.

    Checkpoint Closing Times
    Checkpoint closing times are shown on the 'Timetables' tab. Walkers arriving at these checkpoints after this time must retire. After retiring, make your way directly to the Event Base at the Scout Hall.

    Procedure at finish
    At the Guide Hall remove your wristband and hand it in at the Check-in desk together with your Checkpoint Card. The marshal will scan your wristband to register that you have finished. You will then receive a certificate confirming your achievement of completing The Three Peaks Trial Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze Route.

    Light refreshments will be available at the Guide Hall for all entrants between 1430 and 1930. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances the event will close at 1930.

    General Instructions for the 3PT Great Challenge

    For those doing the new 3PT Great Challenge Click Here For Details.